To Our Wonderful Neighborhood Friends & “Family”

It is with mixed emotions that we have chosen to close Philip Marie temporarily.  As the information of this pandemic is everchanging and our local purveyors have temporarily suspended deliveries to NYC, we have decided it is best to spend some extended time with our own families.    


We have thoroughly enjoyed being a temporary hub for take out and delivery in the West Village in the past week and we will truly miss our socially distant exchanges with you.


We look forward to seeing you again as the “new normal” develops and we are once again able to enjoy some food, wine & love at 

Philip Marie.  


During this time, we have shared some very positive spiritual connections and nourished our souls and bodies together.  We are grateful for these wonderful exchanges and will miss them while we are not here. 


John Philip & Suzanne Marie, Oscar, Richie, Alberto and the entire Staff of Philip Marie


Stay Safe… Be Well… We will keep you posted… We’ll leave you with this one thought…

“What if today, we were just grateful for everything”
Charlie Brown


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